The MANCO Group The MANCO Group

Accounting Services

The MANCO Group provides full accounting services to businesses and individuals. Our services include Bookkeeping, Financial Statements, Employee Tax Deductions, GST, PST, WS&IB, Bank Reconciliation and Taxation both Corporate and Personal.

Payroll Services

PAYROLL Services
The MANCO Group provides complete payroll services based on individual customer needs. Record of Employment (ROE), end of year T4's and payroll reconciliation.
Employees' hours are submitted electronically via this web site.

Consulting Services

The MANCO Group provides consulting services to all our clients on various subjects such as starting up a business, Real Estate, Investments, Business Loans, Computer Networking and many other fields.

Other Services

OTHER Services
The MANCO Group strives to provide a one stop shop to all our valued clients. Our associates are well established, experienced, and highly reputable professionals work side by side with us to save our clients time and money. Talk to our office to help you with Real Estate, Legal, Investments, and many more.